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Mananga Safaris has various travel information available to all our guests while experiencing their unforgettable African hunting holiday.

Mananga Safaris offers refined South African safaris and we believe in hospitality of the highest standard. To ensure you a comfortable and careless African hunting holiday, we provide you with some helpful tips while visiting our beautiful country.


GPS Coordinates: S 22°25.154, E 030°07.770

Mananga Safaris is situated in the Limpopo Province, approximately 10 kilometres east of Musina Town. We are located about 500 kilometres (300 miles) north of Johannesburg (5 hours drive) and 250 km north from Polokwane. Musina Town is a small town with only the necessary items to buy at the available grocery stores and clothing stores; we also have a gun shop that will provide to your basic hunting needs.


South Africa’s summers range between mid-October and mid-February and the winters are usually between May and July. Our autumns range between mid-February to April and spring ranges between August and mid-October. Musina summers are hot, with temperatures that vary between 34 and 40 degrees Celsius. The winter seasons are comfortably cool during the early mornings and evenings and warm during the day. The winter temperatures vary between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius.

The nature is very beautiful but can be relatively dry during some parts of the year. All our facilities and vehicles have air conditioning. During the summer the sun rises at 05:15 and sets around 18:50. In the winter months the sun rises at 06:30 and sets at 05:45.


South Africa’s currency is Rand. Major credit cards are widely accepted. Many ATM’s are available throughout South Africa where you can make cash withdrawals with your debit or credit card. Currency can also be exchanged at the International Airport or at the Foreign Exchange Bureau in Musina. We also offer card facilities at our Lodge. A bank commission is charged according to Bank rates.


The attire is casual. We recommend jeans or light trousers. Please make sure that you avoid wearing strong or bright coloured outfits that are easily visible to animals during your African hunting holiday trip. We recommend khaki and earthy colours.
At our lodge there is no need for suits or formal wear.

We recommend the following:

(If you wish to not carry too much baggage, there are a range of safari and sporting shops in the Limpopo Province where you can buy additional clothing and gear.)

Remember to Bring:


We offer you daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with a selection of basic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included. In addition, please feel free to request snacks or drinks at any time during your stay with Mananga Safaris.

Our meals consist mostly of game meat dishes, chicken and beef. Please inform us about any special dietary requirements you may have.

Our water supply is drinkable but we recommend our guests to use filtered / bottled water.


We offer a daily laundry service and our rooms are serviced daily. We have an electricity supply of 220 Volts. Adapters are available but we recommend that you purchase additional adapters at the airport.

The swimming pool, outdoor dining and bar area are available for your use at any time of the day.

Medication/Prescription Drugs:

Musina is declared a Malaria area but we are pleased to inform you that we have never been informed of a single case where any of our guests were infected with this disease.

We do not discourage our guests to take Malaria medication, as it has different effects on different individuals. It is important to consult with your personal physician that you will be visiting a Malaria zone. The air conditioning in our rooms is a good aid in keeping the mosquitoes at bay. We also provide you with insect repellent in the rooms.


During your stay at Mananga Safaris you will see a wide variety of wild animals, including giraffe, zebra, elephant, nyala, eland, waterbuck, kudu, impala, etc. The animals are wild but not dangerous. As long as you keep your distance and respect their territory, you will not be harmed.

Mobile Connections:

South Africa is currently using a GSM mobile phone system. We recommend that you check your connectivity with your cellular phone service provider beforehand. Mananga Safaris do offer a free WI-FI connection which is available. A password can be obtained from the office on arrival.

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