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Exclusive Hunting Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa
The most exciting part of your hunting safari is your trophies.

When it comes to the required arrangements and the preparing, dipping, packing and shipping your trophies, there are two options to consider:

Option One

If you prefer to make use of your own taxidermist, we will take care of the dipping, packing and shipping of your trophies, according to your specifications. The necessary regulations will still be applicable.

Option Two

You also have the option to have your trophies mounted and shipped locally. We are currently making use of Thaba Mahaka Taxidermy, Safari Taxidermy in Polokwane and Highveld Taxidermy in Johannesburg. These taxidermists are well-known for their high quality their work and expertise.

The taxidermist will take care of all the necessary arrangements (customs clearing, shipping and permits required for the export process).

Please allow six to eight months for the mounting process to be completed.

You are welcome to contact the taxidermists directly, should you require any additional information.

Thaba Mahaka Taxidermy:

Safari Taxidermy:

Preserve your memories...forever.