South African Hunting Safaris Rates

Our South African Hunting Safaris Rates

Our Lodge is family friendly, well-kept and equipped with all the facilities and luxuries that you will need to enjoy an unforgettable hunting experience and luxurious stay with breathtaking views and and tranquil settings. 

Mananga Hunting Safaris is situated in an imposing nature reserve close to the Limpopo River and the border of Zimbabwe.

Mananga Safaris' lodge, known as Mbuyu Camp (which is the African word for 'Baobab', one of the largest trees in Africa), can accommodate 14 people at a time while on your African hunting Safaris with Mananga Safaris.

This nature reserve is the home of a wide variety of bird life and African animals you can experience while on your unforgettable african holiday. Mananga Safaris offers a paradise for hunters, photo enthusiasts and families in search of the ultimate African experience. 

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